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I gave him the same type of smile, Carly missed that one too. Somehow she didn't find it amusing that I call Freddie names and pick on him…oh well.

I laughed to myself at this. I forgot to delete one of our conversations via text and Carly saw it and freaked a little-no damage done or secrets revealed.

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I got off of the couch and grabbed my hoodie and made my way to the door. Somehow she stayed oblivious to the fact that I rarely slept over at her house. Now I only sleep over 2 or 3 times a week because I am at Freddie's apartment. No nasty; just sleep, talking, and kissing. Yes, I said kissing. Why are we kissing? More importantly why are we 'sleeping together'? Because we are dating-but nobody knows. We started dating about 5 months ago-the best 5 months of my life. We haven't gone an 'official' date yet but it's still been great-I hate most of the sappy couple stuff anyway.

I opened the door to Freddie's apartment. I went to the fridge finding a half of a ham and a peppy cola. I rolled my eyes and looked around the room, looking for a note. His room wasn't as nubbish as it used to be. It almost looks normal except there is still a large amount of tech stuff in it.

I found the note that read Tired-See you tomorrow. I rolled my eyes and pulled out the box under his bed that contained pajamas and other clothes of mine. The one that took the cake even had an all too familiar fondness for ill-fitting bikinis and poorly designed, home made tattoos. Listen, I don't want to talk about it right now, let me get changed and we can talk when we get to Luigi's".

This must be something big, we only go to Luigi's for birthdays and when I graduated from high school. The colonel's friend, Gen. Landry had accepted a position in Washington and wants to recommend Col. Shay as his replacement at Edwards. The colonel headed into his room to slip out of his uniform and into civilian attire while Carly shut off her computer and straightened up the table. The cool Italian spring made her miss home all the more. Sure, Seattle was damp and rainy this time of year, but it was her home and lately she's been missing home more and more, though she'd never tell her dad how homesick she really was and who she was homesick for.

It would surely break his heart if he found out she was just staying for his sake. All the way to the restaurant, Carly tried to read her dad with no luck. He had the perfect poker face. Was it something good or bad? He wouldn't tell her or even give her a hint. Surely it wasn't something bad. Luigi's is their celebration place after all, but she still couldn't help but worry. Spencer is OK, she had 2 emails from him yesterday and he even texted her after his date last night to let her know he thought this girl was the one.

She hadn't called him back last weekend when he called and she was getting her hair done. This is terrible, if something happened to him, she'd never forgive herself for not calling him back. No, it couldn't be something wrong with Granddad or they'd be on their way to the airport, not dinner. What could be so important? Little did she know this was the news she'd been waiting four years for, the news that they were going back to the United States for good. Shay said after shutting off the car and taking off his seatbelt.

Carly was still in her trance, trying to figure out what was going on "Carly!

Landry needed to know his decision tomorrow and if Carly didn't want to leave Italy then he was going nowhere, either. Even though he was in civilian clothes and off base, his demeanor was staunch and quiet. Little did she know he was deep in his thoughts, too and very nervous about the talk he was about to have with his daughter.

How could he ask her to leave before finishing college? How could he ask her to just pick up and go again. As they took their seats and began to look at the menus, she wandered how long he was going to keep her in suspense.

Once they placed their orders she couldn't take it any more. What do you need to tell me? Seriously, Dear, you're 21 and you don't have any more patience than you did when you were Is it something bad? I just know it's something bad, but why would you bring us all they way off base, clear out here to break bad news? In fact, I think it's sort of good news. But what if she doesn't want to go back to the U.

What if she's seeing someone and doesn't want to leave. No, she's not been that serious about boys lately, has she? The colonel was more nervous than he had been in years.

He told me she thought she was the one, but he says that about every other girl he dates. Quickly, we untangle ourselves. He goes over to his tech cart, and I drop into a beanbag. A few seconds later, the door to the studio opens, and Carly walks in with a tray of drinks and a plate of ham.

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She's been acting kinda weird lately, like she wants love. So I'm hooking her up". Frozen to the spot. I don't want to have to end what I have with Sam, whether it involves sneaking around or not.

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You're her good friend, just help me. I walk out into the hallway and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.


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